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In this seciton, we will cover identity-based policy and resource-based policy.

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Identity-based Policy

Identity-based policies are JSON permissions policy documents that control what actions an identity (users, groups of users, and roles) can perform, on which resources, and under what conditions. Identity-based policies can be further categorized:

Resource-based Policy

Resource-based policies are JSON policy documents that you attach to a resource such as an Amazon S3 bucket. These policies grant the specified principal permission to perform specific actions on that resource and defines under what conditions this applies. Resource-based policies are inline policies. There are no managed resource-based policies.

To enable cross-account access, you can specify an entire account or IAM entities in another account as the principal in a resource-based policy. Adding a cross-account principal to a resource-based policy is only half of establishing the trust relationship. When the principal and the resource are in separate AWS accounts, you must also use an identity-based policy to grant the principal access to the resource. However, if a resource-based policy grants access to a principal in the same account, no additional identity-based policy is required.

The IAM service supports only one type of resource-based policy called a role trust policy, which is attached to an IAM role. An IAM role is both an identity and a resource that supports resource-based policies. For that reason, you must attach both a trust policy and an identity-based policy to an IAM role. Trust policies define which principal entities (accounts, users, roles, and federated users) can assume the role.

To check which services support resource-based policies, please refer to article AWS services that work with IAM.

About Principal and Resource in Policy


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