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In this post, we will talk about basics of ROS. We will follow the book A Gentle Introduction to ROS. The ROS version used in the book is Indigo which is ROS1, so we will also install a ROS1 version. The latest ROS1 version is Noetic.

Install ROS1 Noetic

To install Noetic, we can follow the instruction in Ubuntu install of ROS Noetic. The steps are easy to follow and I didn't run into any issues.

If you have already installed other ROS version before and want to uninstall the packages, you could following the instruction mentioned in this post. Here are the commands:

sudo apt-get remove ros-*
sudo apt-get purge ros-*
sudo apt-get autoremove

If you run into problems with downloading packages from Ubuntu repositories, you may try to clean up the repository list first. More specifically, you could

For more information about Ubuntu repositories, please check

If the installation is successful, we should be able to run the turtle simulation by executing the following three commands in three different terminals

rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node
rosrun turtlesim turtle_teleop_key



rospack listList packages
rospack find package-nameFind the directory of a single package
rosls package-nameView the files in a package directory
roscd package-nameGo to the package directory
rosrun package-name executable-nameStart a node
rosnode listListing running nodes
rosnode info node-nameInspect a node
rosnode kill node-nameKill a node.
rqt_graphDisplay the message graph between nodes.
rostopic listList active topics.
rostopic echo topic-nameEcho messages that are being published.
rostopic hz topic-nameMeasure the speed of message publication.
rostopic bw topic-nameMeasure the bandwidth of message publication.
rostopic info topic-nameInspect a topic.
rosmsg show message-type-nameInspect a message type.

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